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Pure Earth termination final order (NJDEP).pdf 7/11/2012 1234 KB Download
PURE EARTH INTERACTIVE MAP II 5-22-13.kmz Google Maps image of Site. Overlayed are various site features and landmarks such as tanks, soil boring location, GW sampling wells, leaking berm, and other features. Clicking on a location will reveal photos of the spot, various contaminents detected, tank volumes, and other items of interest. Image 5/22/2013 8778 KB Download
Well water analysis, 1452 W. Forest.1.pdf Analysis of tap water sample taken 8-5-2013. Analytical report 8/20/2013 646 KB Download
Tradebe Phase II FINAL.pdf Phase II Environmental report. Analytical report 9/5/2013 59212 KB Download
Delsea Road Farm irrigation water sample data.pdf Lab results of sample of well-water used to irrigate crops at the the Delsea Road Farm (corner of North Mill and Garden Road) in Vineland. Analytical report 9/24/2013 847 KB Download
DW Analytical 2044, 2288 & 2580 W. Garden.pdf Analytical report of analyses of DW samples taken at 2044, 2288 and 2580 W. Garden Ave. Analytical report 9/27/2013 2208 KB Download
Pure Earth Analytical of liquid in pit in Bldg. #3.pdf Analytical report of liquid from pit inside Bldg. #3. Approx. 1,000 gallons of liquid pumped from pit into bulk containers. Analytical report 10/3/2013 629 KB Download
Photomap of Shield Alloy GW sampling.1.pdf Photomap showing sampling wells near the Shield Alloy Superfund Remedial Site in close proximity to the Pure Earth Removal Site. Map 1/13/2014 540 KB Download
Pure Earth VHD water tests.pdf Test results of Vineland Health Dept. sampling of selected private drinking water wells in the vicinity of the PER Site. Analytical report 5/29/2014 1518 KB Download
Tradebe (A) Phase II FINAL.pdf Phase II environmental impact assessment performed by former prospective purchaser of the Pure Earth Site. Report has analytical results of groundwater, soil pile, and soil boring sampling. Analytical report 7/25/2014 59212 KB Download
Greg Call waste analytical.1.pdf Analytical report on a composite soil sample of material being generated by Greg Call at the PER site and being stored on site. The sampling was not observed by USEPA and was not submitted for QA/QC. Analytical report 2/11/2016 140 KB Download
Pure Earth - Community Update Factsheet 02-01-21.pdf The Community Update Factsheet announces that the fieldwork beginning in February 2021 will remove and properly dispose of all waste in Tank 17. Fact Sheet 1/27/2021 184 KB Download