Battlefield Golf Club Fly Ash Assessment

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Chesapeake, VA - EPA Region III
POLREP #7 - April 2009 Assessement Boron Results
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On-Scene Coordinator - Christine Wagner 7/6/2009
Time-Critical - Removal Assessment Pollution Report (POLREP) #7
Site Description
EPA Region 3 Removal Response Branch continues to support the City of Chesapeake and VDEQ by collecting samples as part of a removal assessment to determine potential contamination of residential drinking water wells from migration of fly ash which was used in the construction of the Battlefield Golf Club.

Current Activities
POLREP #6 includes information regarding the sampling results from the April 2009 assessment.  However, results for boron were not included in POLREP #6.

Boron results ranged from 11.2 microgram/liter to 222 microgram/liter in the residential wells.  However, there was no correlation between the highest level of boron and the residence which had elevated lead levels in the drinking water well.

Boron results from the monitoring wells on the golf course ranged from 6.1 microgram/liter to a high of 97.4 microgram/liter.

Key Issues
Following the 2008 assessment, the OSC requested assistance from ATSDR in helping to evaluate the boron results.  

ATSDR uses a screening level of 2,450 micrograms/liter of boron for children and 6,000 microgram/liter of boron for adults.

All boron results to date are well below these levels.  Additional refrerence information on boron has been added to the "Documents" section of this polrep.