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Congress Avenue Bird Death

Site Contact:
Jhana Enders
Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC)


Site Location:
Austin, TX 00000

08 Jan 2007
The incident began at approximately 0700 CST. The incident location is Congress Ave between 3rd and 11th Streets. Police shut down several blocks of businesses in downtown Austin after dozens of birds were found dead in the street. The FBI recommended CST deployment and the 6th CST was deployed for site monitoring and testing. No terrorist threat is known at this time. TCEQ has a number of monitors in the area and is awaiting data results. The TX Dept of Health Services and Dept of Animal Management are onscene. No evacuation order has been issued, but an estimated 6-8 block surrounding area is closed.

Biowatch results are pending. The R6 EPA in consultation with the TCEQ has activated the ASPECT plane and awaiting data results. No EPA R6 personnel have been deployed to date. No further information is available at this time.

Additional Information and updates will be available under the 'Documents' section below.