Gulf Refinery Fire (AKA CAPECO)

Bayamon, PR - Region II


Site Contact:

On-Scene Coordinator

Bayamon, PR 00962

Latitude: 18.4164770
Longitude: -66.1319470

At approximately 0030 hours on October 23, 2009 a fire/explosion occurred at the Caribbean Petroleum (Gulf CapeCo) facility located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. It is unknown what caused the incident, however a federal investigation continues into the matter. Located in the inland EPA jurisdictional zone, the Caribbean Petroleum facility contains a massive large tank farm with approximately 40 tanks. It is estimated that 15 tanks were on fire. Located in the Luchetti Industrial Park, several surface water streams are located in the near vicinity that lead to a pond prior to entering into the San Juan Bay.

EPA responded to the incident to conduct perimeter air monitoring, water sampling, sediment sampling, technical assistance and response support.

In February 2010 EPA issued a UAO for OPA and the CWA. CPR was unable to to perform the outlined activities, primarily due to severe financial constrainst resulting from cessation of its business.

In March 2010 EPA assumed responsibility for both OPA and CERCLA clean-up actions at the Site.

On May 11, 2011 pursuant to a sale authorized by the US Bankruptcy Court, Puma Energy Caribe LLC and EPA entered into three Administrative Orders on Consent including CWA (OPA), CERCLA, RCRA.

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