Former Coyne Textile Services

Site Contact:
Eugene Dennis
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
1111 Vernon Street
Huntington, WV 25728

This Site is the location of the former Coyne Textile Services facility operating at 1111 Vernon Street in Huntington, WV. A release of perchloroethylene (PCE) reportedly occurred at this faciity sometime in its history. A removal site evaluation was deemed by the OSC to be appropriate for this Site based upon a review of available analytical information indicating, minimally, contamination of groundwater by PCE and other compounds. The OSC directed sampling activities in March, August 2010 and October 2010 intending to characterize hazardous substances in the subsurface and the migration of those hazardous substances. EPA completed an evaluation of site characterization information and approved funding for a removal response action in March 2011. EPA is presently discussing response issues with potentially responsible parties and preparing for implementation of a response action intended to minimize the further release of hazardous substances.