Pure Earth Recycling

Site Contact:
Andrew Confortini


Site Location:
3209 North Mill Road
Vineland, NJ 08360

A currently non-operating hazardous waste treatment facility was identified as a possible threat by inspectors with the NJDEP. The NJDEP notified EPA that it requested EPA assistance to assess the need for a response.under CERCLA.

Two EPA OSCs and reps from the NJDEP conducted an assessment of the Site on 7/9/2012 and identified numerous drums, bags and tanks of hazardous chemicals including peroxides, acids and caustics inside the abandoned facility.

Historically, ownership of Mid-Atlantic Recycling Technologies and Casie Protank facilities changed March 30, 2007 when both facilities were purchased by Pure Earth, Inc. The MART and Casie Protank operations (previously separate although related businesses) were combined at the end of December 2009 and operated as a single business.

The company was cited by EPA for RCRA violations and settled with the US DOJ in a civil consent agreement in February, 2012. The company was fined $750,000 and subsequently ceased operations in the intervening months, however leaving the chemicals in place. At the time of the civil settlement the company presented a Letter of Intent to sell the assets of the company to a third party. Additional information on this site will be forthcoming.