Chillum Gasoline Release

Chillum, MD - Region III

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Andrew Fan

5801 Riggs Road
Chillum, MD 20011

Latitude: 38.9617400
Longitude: -76.9972400

In October 1989, there was a reported release of an unknown amount of gasoline from a Service Station owned and operated by Chevron Products Company, located at 5801 Riggs Road in Chillum, Maryland. The release was initially addressed by the Maryland Department of the Environment(MDE). MDE required Chevron to install a pump and treat system which has been in operation since 1990.

In April 2001, the gasoline plume was reported to have migrated into the District of Columbia, underlying a residential area known as the Lamond-Riggs Park community. Subsequent investigation also discovered that Perchloroethylene (PERC), a dry cleaner solvent, was present in groundwater at elevated concentrations, which led to EPA Superfund's involvement. For more information about the PERC investigation, click here:

In October 2001, by request of Councilmember Fenty, D.C. Government, EPA assumed responsibility for the gasoline release investigation. On November 26, 2002, EPA issued a Unilateral Order to Chevron U.S.A. that requires Chevron to investigate the extent of groundwater and vapor contamination, expand the operation of the existing pump and treat system, and identify interim or long-term measures to protect human health and the environment as needed.