Luttrell Leachate Treatment Plant


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Leachate Pond condition as of 08/30/2021 after sludge removed<br />Date Taken: 8/30/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Sludge from Leachate Pond disposed at on-site Luttrell Repository<br />Date Taken: 8/30/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
New Sludge Reduction System<br />Date Taken: 8/29/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Leachate Pond Clean out during the sludge removal operation<br />Date Taken: 8/30/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Leachate Level  as of 08/30/2021<br />Date Taken: 8/29/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Storm Water Pond and Land Application Disposal Pond<br />Date Taken: 6/9/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
New Sludge Reduction and Filter Bag on Truck Bed<br />Date Taken: <br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Leachate Pond and New Sludge Reduction System<br />Date Taken: 7/1/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Leachate Pond 95% Capacity<br />Date Taken: 6/16/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Leachate Pond as of July 8 2021<br />Date Taken: 7/8/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Caustic Container Condition<br />Date Taken: 6/2/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags: