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Welcome to the EPA OSC Response WebSite. This site is intended to be a resource for EPA OSCs to access, track and share information with OSCs throughout the country. Explore the regions.

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Recent Updates
Name City State Updated
Battery and Electronics Recycling, Inc. Mount Horeb WI 8/11/2020
Globe-Union Inc. Garland TX 8/11/2020
Former Kaiser Smelter Mead WA 8/11/2020
Great Rivers Subarea Spill Coordination Group Wyatt MO 8/11/2020
R7 Regional Response Team Lenexa KS 8/11/2020
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Health & Safety

Emergency Responder Health and Safety Manual

The manual consists of a series of chapters that outline steps that must be taken to protect the Agency’s emergency responders from job-related injuries, accidents, and exposures to hazardous materials.


The ERT Standard Operating Procedures, are now available for download.

OSC Task Force

The OSC Readiness Task Force was originally created in 1982. The Task Force comprises 2 OSCs from each Region (serving 3-year terms), plus Removal Manager and Headquarters representatives.

The OSC Task Force has put together a Toolbox Guide to assist EPA On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs) and Federal Classification Series (FCS) 1102 Contracting Officers (COs) by outlining the general procedures for the acquisition of goods and services required to respond to certain environmental releases, threats and/or discharges. 


Please review your OSC Phonebook contact information for accuracy:

On-Scene Coordinator Phone Book

Please report any changes to:  ertsupport@epa.gov

Voluntary Exercise Program (VEP)

Voluntary Exercise Program (VEP) for On-Scene Coordinators and designated Special Team Members
The Voluntary Exercise Program (VEP) is established for EPA On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs) and designated Special Teams Members (STs) to maintain and improve their overall mental and physical state of readiness through regular physical conditioning so that they can safely perform their assigned job duties and to reduce the probability and severity of occupational injuries and illnesses. Please visit www.epa.osc.net/vep for additional information...

Please see the documents section of the website for the following:

  • Memo announcing the Voluntary Exercise Program
  • The Implementation Plan
  • The Fact Sheet



NEW Scribe CLP Webinars have been scheduled.   Please visit the Notices section of the Scribe website (www.epaosc.org/scribe).