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EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Response


WebEOC is a web-based crisis management system designed for supporting the ICS method of response management for significant incidents, in addition to providing a unique toolset for supporting Daily Operations in the Regional Response Centers and the HQ Emergency Operations Center.

ERT is supporting the implementation of the WebEOC system by all the regions and HQ. Demonstration and  training on WebEOC is being provided as part of an ERT initiative to present the RRC Workflow concept to the regions and HQ.

Login to WebEOC  (Please set your  browser to enable pop-ups for WebEOC)

Supported Browsers and Devices
WebEOC is best viewed with Chrome. Other supported browsers include Edge, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer v11 or higher,. Mobile devices supported include the iPad, iPhone and Android browsers.

Note – Pop-ups must be allowed for this website or you will not be able to login, and boards will not function properly. You must also allow cookies. See your Computer Administrator if you require assistance with these settings.
For the iPad/iPhone using Safari, you can enable pop-ups by selecting Settings | Safari | uncheck “Block Pop-ups”.

For more information regarding WebEOC, please see the WebEOC User Guide and/or WebEOC Registration Guide.
ERT Software Support: 800-999-6990
Email: ERTSupport@epa.gov

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