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EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Response



EPA Offered Training

Trainex Training Exchange
Training-Exchange provides a range of training information to EPA, other federal agency, state, tribal, and local staff involved in hazardous waste management and remediation. The site includes training schedules for hundreds of deliveries of more than 65 classes.

CERCLA Education Center Course Information
The CERCLA Education Center (CEC) offers US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on-scene coordinators (OSC), remedial project managers (RPM), site assessment managers (SAM), and other environmental professionals with training courses on the many aspects of Superfund and the latest environmental technologies.

ERTP Virtual University
The USEPA Environmental Response Training Program Virtual University provides environmental training information for Federal, Tribal, State, and local government personnel. The site lists ERTP courses and links to other training, seminar and conference sites.

Removal Process Course Documents
Links to documents that are referred to in the Removal Process Course

OSWER Training Forum
Training Coordinators, On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs), Remedial Project Managers (RPMs), Permit Writers, Corrective Action Managers, Site Assessment Managers (SAMs), Enforcement staff, Community Involvement Coordinators (CICs), State Program Managers, and others will find training courses and information directly targeted to their needs.

National Enforcement Training Institute
NETI will provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to training, in which enforcement and compliance personnel are trained in a range of specialties in order to work together more effectively as a team.

American Indian Environmental Office
Provides training material for working effectively with Tribal Governments.

US EPA Acquisition Management
The Office of Acquisition Management (OAM) is responsible for all contracting and related activities to fulfill the Agency's mission to protect and safeguard the environment through its business relationships.

Contracts Training

Federal Acquisition Institute Online University
A Web site with access to training, resources, and expertise from peers and other professionals.