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EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Response
Region 3 - Mid Atlantic - DE, MD, PA, VA, WV, DC

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Region 3 - Mid Atlantic - DE, MD, PA, VA, WV, DC

397 websites
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Name ~ click column to sort~CityStateContactUpdatedField ActivityResponse TypeResponse AuthorityIncident Category
Exide Technologies (Exide Laureldale)LaureldalePAChristopher Guzzetti12/02/2022Yes-CERCLARemoval Action
Big John Salvage Hoult Road SiteFairmontWVAshley Nilsen and Eric Newman12/02/2022YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
11184 Bristol AirBristolVAMyles Bartos11/28/2022Yes-CERCLARemoval Assessment
ClearfieldMineCO2MorrisdalePAAnn DiDonato11/25/2022YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Assessment
Region 3 Inland Area CommitteePhiladelphiaPAMyles Bartos11/21/2022Yes---
North Central WV Sub-AreaNorth CentralWVRaj Sharma11/16/2022No---
Erie Coke SiteEriePAChristopher Guzzetti11/01/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Saltville Waste Disposal PondsSaltvilleVAMyles Bartos10/28/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Baghurst Drive SiteUpper SalfordPAMyles Bartos10/21/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Bonair Avenue Vapor Intrusion InvestigationHatboroPAKelley Chase10/11/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
WRG4 Vermiculite SiteEllwood CityPADeborah Lindsey/Kevin Clark09/27/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Havertown PCP NPL SiteHavertownPAEduardo Rovira Jr09/26/2022YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
Region 3 Equipment GroupWarehousePAMyles Bartos09/26/2022No---
US Titanium NPL ResponsePiney RiverVAMyles Bartos09/26/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Safety Light CorporationBloomsburgPAAnn DiDonato09/19/2022Yes---
New Kent Wood Preservatives, IncProvidence ForgeVARuth Scharr09/19/2022YesPRP OversightCERCLARemoval Action
Farrell PA Oil Spill SiteFarrellPADeborah Lindsey09/12/2022YesEmergencyOPARemoval Assessment
Yoho Run 1FriendlyWVKevin Clark08/29/2022YesTime-CriticalOPARemoval Assessment
Hockessin Groundwater Removal ActionHockessinDEAshley Nilsen / Joseph Gawarzewski08/18/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Precision National Plating SiteClarks SummitPAAnn DiDonato08/04/2022YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Pocono Raceway - NASCAR Race DeploymentLong PondPADominic Ventura08/04/2022Yes---
Freeport Road Train DerailmentPittsburghPAKevin Clark07/25/2022YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
Sparrows Point OffshoreSparrows PointMDRuth Scharr07/19/2022YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Assessment
Threemile Run Tar Site(Lewis Run) Mt. AltonPAAnn DiDonato07/07/2022YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Peck Iron and MetalPortsmouthVARuth Scharr07/05/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
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