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Remacor, Inc.

Site Contact:
Ann DiDonato


Site Location:
P.O. Box 366
Route 168
West Pittsburg, PA 16160

Remacor, Inc. is a 45-acre facility that was used to process secondary magnesium scrap into magnesium powder and granules for use as a desulfurization agent in the steel industry. The facility processed these materials by cleaning and mixing them with lime to produce magnesium granules. Wastes generated from magnesium processing include magnesium and lime waste, magnesium oxide waste, lime waste, and process water. The magnesium fines, turnings and shavings used in processing are ignitable and are classified by the U.S. DOT as Hazardous Materials.

A fire occurred at the site during August 2005 that destroyed a building and processing equipment. Since that time, Remacor, Inc. continued to accumulate magnesium scrap but was unable to process the material. An inspection by EPA and PADEP revealed a fire and explosion hazard due to the presence of an estimated 3 million pounds of magnesium turnings (more recently revised to 6 million pounds) staged mostly in drums or supersacks, and in buildings with leaky roofs or lacking doors, and/or exposed to the weather. In addition, low level radiation sources are present on the Site and the Site is unsecured due to gaps and openings in the perimeter fence. The town of West Pittsburg is located in the immediate downwind footprint of the Site and the Beaver River borders the west side of the Site.

The Site poses a threat to public health, welfare, or the environment due to high potential for fire from poor storage of pyrophoric metals and potential release of low level radioactive sources. The OSC has determined that the Site meets the criteria of Section 300.415 of the NCP for initiating a Removal Action. On September 13, 2006, OSC Jack Downie, pursuant to the re-delegation of Authority 14-2, authorized an emergency action to stabilize and secure the Site.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.