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EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Response
Region 4 - Southeast - AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN

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Region 4 - Southeast - AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN

35 websites
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Name ~ click column to sort~CityStateContactUpdatedField ActivityResponse TypeResponse AuthorityIncident Category
Emergency Responder Health & Safety Program and ManualAtlantaGAKevin Eichinger06/01/2023No---
Moody Landfill FireMoodyALU.S. EPA Region 4 | 404-562-840005/31/2023YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
Pinova Facility FireBrunswickGABenjamin Franco05/24/2023YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Assessment
Manatee River VesselPalmattoFLSubash Patel05/23/2023Yes---
Montco Research Products Inc RemovalPalatkaFLCourtney Swanson05/17/2023YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
35th Avenue SiteBirminghamALSubash Patel05/15/2023YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Westside LeadAtlantaGAChuck Berry05/08/2023YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Smokey Mountain SmeltersKnoxvilleTNDavid Andrews03/02/2023YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Livermore Industrial PlatingLivermoreKYTerry Tanner03/01/2023YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
H2S in South and North CarolinaCatawbaSCU.S. EPA Region 4 | 404-562-840002/24/2023Yes---
R4 Hurricane IsaacBay St. LouisMSMatthew Huyser02/03/2023Yes---
Region 4 RRT Science and Technology CommitteeAtlantaGAMatthew Huyser11/01/2022No---
R4 Hurricane IanFt. MyersFLBenjamin Franco10/03/2022Yes---
Westside Lead Site - OU2AtlantaGAChuck Berry06/13/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Weaver Fertilizer Plant FireWinston-SalemNCKenneth Rhame05/18/2022YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
Lake Ocoee Oil SpillOcoeeTNBrian Englert05/02/2022YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
ABM Healthcare Support ServicesJacksonvilleFLChris Russell04/13/2022YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
Robersonville Fuel SpillRobersonvilleNCBenjamin Franco03/10/2022YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
Payne Road SolventsBessemer CityNCMatthew Huyser03/09/2022Yes CERCLARemoval Assessment
C & S ChemicalsAustellGARichard Jardine01/28/2022YesEmergencyCERCLA/OPARemoval Action
Glades Co. Derelict VesselMoore HavenFLKevin Eichinger01/13/2022YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
Greenville TruckGreenvilleMSChuck Berry01/13/2022YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
Bath Springs Sunken VesselBath SpringsTNBrian Englert01/13/2022YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
Tar Creek Oil SpillCrosbyMSLeo Francendese01/13/2022YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
New River Sunken VesselFort LauderdaleFLTerry Stilman01/13/2022YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
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