Andreas Petroleum Spill


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Photos-20210526-195306.jpg<br />Date Taken: 5/26/2021<br />Category: Removal<br />Latitude: 44.722855<br />Longitude: -110.4886606<br />Tags: Facing northwest. Discharge pond sediment sampling location, carbon filter visible on right. Removal 5/26/2021
IMG_4147.jpg<br />Date Taken: 6/6/2021<br />Category: Removal<br />Latitude: 44.7229866826736<br />Longitude: -110.488005280495<br />Tags: Facing southeast, wastewater treatment site with water truck pumping into frac tanks visible on left, evaporation pond in the foreground, and mobile laboratory visible in background on right. Removal 6/6/2021
IMG_4142.jpg<br />Date Taken: 6/6/2021<br />Category: Removal<br />Latitude: 44.616037<br />Longitude: -110.41511<br />Tags: Facing south, Yellowstone River bank visible on left, drainage ditch and culvert under Grand Loop Road visible in foreground with spill site and water truck pumping from Extraction Well-North (EW-N) visible in background. Removal 6/6/2021
IMG_4137.jpg<br />Date Taken: 6/6/2021<br />Category: Removal<br />Latitude: 44.615641353625<br />Longitude: -110.415203422308<br />Tags: Spill site. Facing north, water truck pumping from Extraction Well-North (EW-N) with Grand Loop Road visible on right. Removal 6/6/2021
Photos-20210525-220537.jpg<br />Date Taken: 5/25/2021<br />Category: Removal<br />Latitude: 44.6157598055556<br />Longitude: -110.415271111111<br />Tags: Spill Site. Facing south, extraction well (EW) visible in right portion of photograph, with Grand Loop Road visible in the left portion. Removal 5/25/2021
Photos-20210525-215727.jpg<br />Date Taken: 5/25/2021<br />Category: Removal<br />Latitude: 44.6154425<br />Longitude: -110.415137305556<br />Tags: Spill Site. Facing northeast, extraction Well-North (EW) visible in foreground, with Yellowstone River flowing from right to left in the background Removal 5/25/2021
Photos-20210525-202238.jpg<br />Date Taken: 5/25/2021<br />Category: Removal<br />Latitude: 44.7226486<br />Longitude: -110.4887112<br />Tags: Two sock filters and carbon filter with wastewater treatment pond visible in background. Removal 5/25/2021
Photos-20210525-200527.jpg<br />Date Taken: 5/25/2021<br />Category: Removal<br />Latitude: 44.7227293055556<br />Longitude: -110.4890266<br />Tags: Contaminated water being offloaded into frac tanks (RAW) at treatment system Removal 5/25/2021