Ortek Inc.

Description: Completed lab pack
Date Taken: 2/24/2020
Category: Site Photo
  • Excavator removing sludge from Tank 101
  • Tank 101 side wall removed to allow exca...
  • lab pack staged for collection and dispo...
  • Lab pack
  • Completed lab pack
  • Soft pack material and pour off drums
  • Lab chemicals
  • Lab Chemicals
  • Lab chemicals staged for inventory and p...
  • Excavator mixing corn cob and portland c...
  • Sludge layer within Tank 101
  • Mixing of sludge and corn cob fines
  • Corn cob fines spread through out roll-o...
  • Corn cob fines and sludge prior to mixin...
  • Use of corn cob fines to solidify the sl...
  • Removal of tank 101 sludge
  • Excavation of tank 101 sludge