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Statoil Eisenbarth Well Response

Description: View of damaged equipment on well pad
Date Taken: 6/29/2014
Category: Site Photo  
  • East view of fire damage on Eisenbarth w...
  • Erosion channel along south slope of wel...
  • Eisenbarth well pad sump
  • Drainage outfall on west well pad slope
  • View of fire damage on NW section of wel...
  • South view of well pad after fire.
  • SE view of east end of Eisenbarth well p...
  • Fire damage on Eisenbarth Well pad
  • Water cooling trailer by SW corner of we...
  • Small fires on well pad
  • small fires near NE corner of well pad.
  • View of burnt truck trailer.
  • View of damaged equipment on well pad
  • View of damaged equipment on well pad.
  • Fire damaged equipment on well pad