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Chicago, IL - EPA Region V
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On-Scene Coordinator - Mike Ribordy 6/6/2007
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #3
Start Date: 10/5/2005 Completion Date: 5/29/2007
Site Description
The Acme Chicago Coke Plant is located at 11236 South Torrence Avenue, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. The approximately 102-acre Site is located in a primarily industrial area located less than 2 mile from a residential area. The Site is comprised of approximately 20 buildings, including two coke batteries, power house, maintenance building, and by-products building.  Please see the original POLREP dated June 1, 2006, for additional information on the Site description.

Current Activities
During the 2004 Acme bankruptcy proceedings, Salrecon acquired an ownership interest in structures and fixtures at the facility.  For several years Salrecon engaged in scrap salvaging activities at the facility.  In 2005, the Calumet Heritage Partnership, on behalf of Chicago's Steel Heritage Project, signed a contract to purchase the coke plant structures from Salrecon.  In July 2006, the Calumet Heritage Partnership defaulted on the contract and the coke plant structures reverted back to Salrecon.  At that time, work at the Site was halted and U.S. EPA began negotiating with Salrecon to complete the remaining tasks under the time-critical removal action.  Salrecon has negotiated with Jabco Industrial Service, Inc. to conduct the demolition activities at the Site.  Jabco wishes to remove structural materials and other salvageable items from buildings and equipment at the Site.  

Between January 30, 2007, and April 18, 2007, U.S. EPA and the Emergency Rapid Response Services Contractor (ERRS), with assistance from Jabco, solidified residual material from tanks and containers that could not be removed by vac truck.  Stabilized material was characterized for off-site disposal.  On April 18, approximately 110 tons of non-hazardous tank and container residuals were trasported off-site for disposal at Envirotech located in Morris, Illinois.
On May 29, 2007,  U.S. EPA and its ERRS contractor sent off-site for disposal the final roll-off box containing RCRA empty containers. The roll-off box was sent to Envirotech located in Morris, Illinois.

Planned Removal Actions
No further removal activities are planned for this site.

Next Steps
The site is currently being evaluated by U.S. EPA's Superfund Remedial program.

Disposition Of Wastes

Waste Stream Quantity Manifest # Disposal Facility
Non-Hazardous Solidified Tank Residuals 110 Tons Envirotech, Morris, Illinois
RCRA Empty Containers 1 Roll-Off Box Envirotech, Morris, Illinois