Aspen Park Solvents

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Conifer, CO - EPA Region VIII
POLREP #3 - Progress POLREP
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On-Scene Coordinator - Craig Myers 7/27/1995
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #3
Start Date: 10/25/1994
Site Description

The Site is in a residential area called Aspen Park, which is located near Conifer, Colorado.    
The Site contains the residences and associated buildings/businesses of a small mountain community.  

In 1994 a sampling of a drinking water well by the Colorado Department of Health (CDH), in accordance with Colorado drinking water regulations for "non-transient non-community" systems, showed the well containing CCl4 in concentrations (9 parts per billion [ppb]) above the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) [5 ppb].  Four other drinking water wells within a 1/2 mile radius also were tested with no detections of CCl4.  

Current Activities

On October 25, 1994, EPA initiated the Removal Action and began supplying bottled water to 25 residents.  To date four meetings have been held with the residents.

A Treatibility Study was conducted by ERT to determine the best method of removing the CCl4, which ranges from 6 to 85,000 ppb.  Four air strippers and 29 carbon filters were installed on 33 homes.

Surface and downhole geophysics were conducted by ERT, and TAT arranged for an aerial photo and survey of the area.  Quarterly monitoring of the contaminant plume and monthly monitoring of the systems is being conducted.  Ten monitoring wells were installed, a soil gas survey was completed, septic tanks were sampled and a step test was conducted.

Next Steps
Conduct a pump test.  Model the aquifer.  Determine if source area can be remediated.