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Smithfield, RI - EPA Region I
POLREP #1 - Initiation of Removal Action
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On-Scene Coordinator - Ted Bazenas 5/1/2008
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #1
Start Date: 4/21/2008
Site Description
The Site is located 7 Oak Street in Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island in the Town of Smithfield, Tax Assessor's records as Plat 25, Lot 66B. The geographical coordinates, as measured from the center of the property are 41º 52' 32.7" north latitude, 71º 30' 8.2" west longitude.
The Site encompasses approximately 2 acres.  Located in southern Smithfield within a mixed residential and commercial / industrial area, the former Providence Barrel facility is bordered on the north, east, and west by residential properties and on the south by a building, which was formerly the Parkinson Machinery and Manufacturing Corporation (Parkinson) and is now known as United States Granulator. While in business, Parkinson manufactured machines for the plastics, textiles, and paper industries and was listed as a small quantity hazardous waste generator for the generation of waste oil.  The nearest private home is located approximately 75 feet to the west of the property. The Woonasquatucket River is located approximately 700 feet east of the facility. Currently, access is unrestricted to the Site and the entrance to the Site is frequently used as a parking area for the neighborhood.
The facility historically operated as a barrel reclamation facility from 1972 to 1980. The chemical composition and volume of material spilled or dumped on the property is unknown. Any buildings that existed on the property have been removed. The area consists of a sparsely vegetated open area and a cluster of trees on the west-southwest side of the property. The Site is currently inactive, with soil and potential groundwater contamination.

Current Activities
On April 01, 2008, the EPA OSC met with ERRS contractor at the property to conduct a site walk.  In the subsequent two weeks, equipment, supplies and personnel were mobilized to the Site.

Removal actions will include:
1. Conduct additional sampling to further characterize the extent of contamination
2. Excavate and dispose of contaminated soils at EPA approved disposal facilities
3. Construct an engineered cap over contaminated soils that cannot otherwise be excavated
4. Backfill excavated areas with clean fill material
5. Conduct additional investigation of potential indoor air/vapor intrusion problems due to contamination from the Site
6. If necessary, install systems to control site related vapor intrusion into residential buildings
7. Repair response-related damage

On April 21, EPA and START contractors began to collect soil samples for additional characterization of the extent of contamination at the site.   The results of field screening for lead and VOCs indicate that hazardous substances have migrated from the Providence Barrel property to abutting properties.  The Action Memorandum signed on March 10, 2008 will be amended to expand the site boundaries to include adjacent properties.

Planned Removal Actions
After completion of the extent of contamination study, excavation of contaminated soil will begin.  Soil will be transported off-site for disposal.

On May 19-23, 2008, EPA is scheduled to collect indoor air samples from the basements of abutting properties. The data will be evaluated for health impacts to the residents.  If necessary, soil vapors controls may be installed in the residences by EPA.

Next Steps
Continue with activities as planned

Key Issues
Coordination with the community and state agencies is essential to successful completion of the removal activities.