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Smithfield, RI - EPA Region I
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On-Scene Coordinator - Ted Bazenas 10/22/2008
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #5
Start Date: 4/21/2008
Site Description
See previous POLREP for site description information

Current Activities
On July 29, 2008, excavation began on residential properties.

An Action Memo Addendum was signed on August 25, 2008. It provided additional funding and extended the completion date to Spring 2009.  The expansion of excavation to the adjacent properties has significantly increased the project cost and extended the completion date.

On-Site operations continued throughout the funding increase. Excavation operations were completed on October 8, 2008.  A total of 17 private properties were excavated, removing several hundred cubic yards of lead contaminated surface soils.  The properties have been restored; including backfilling, spreading loam and seeding. A landscape contractor has been procured to complete restoration of damaged plants.  

Not all restoration can be completed this season.  Short growing seasons in New England require that some plants be placed in the spring of 2009.  Funds have been set aside to complete restoration in the spring.

Demobilization of personnel and equipment is presently occuring as they are no longer needed.

Planned Removal Actions
Remaining tasks include :
-completion of transportation and disposal of staged soil.
- procurement of a fence contractor to restore and replace fenced damaged or removed during excavation.
- completion of restoration
- hydroseeding as needed.
- demobilization (following completion of site actions)

Next Steps
Set aside funds for completion of restoration in the spring of 2009