London Road Mercury Response

Site Contact:
Dale Becker
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
70835 London Road
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
NRC#: 1339387

Overview: On June 21st, 2022, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) contacted EPA about a report that a local resident found two large flasks of elemental mercury somewhere on the Black Butte Mine National Priorities List (NPL) Site near Cottage Grove, Oregon.  The Black Butte Mine is a former Mercury Mine that EPA added to the NPL in 2010. The report to ODEQ indicated some of the mercury was released from one of the flasks and spilled on the resident’s clothes.  The resident then returned home where a parent segregated his clothing and placed it outside the residence.

State, Local and other Federal Agency Actions: ODEQ coordinated with the resident who reported the mercury incident and then contacted the EPA Remedial Project Manager for the Black Butte Mine site for assistance.  The incident was then referred to the EPA R10 Phone Duty Officer. 

EPA Actions: This incident is in EPA jurisdiction. A Region 10 OSC will deploy with START resources to assess the residence for possible mercury contamination.  The OSC will also investigate the location of the mercury flasks and secure them for further action.  EPA’s R10 Emergency Response program will continue to coordinate with the Black Butte Mine RPM and ODEQ.