Pemaco NPL Site

Maywood, CA - Region IX


Site Contact:

Rose Marie Caraway
Remedial Project Manager

5050 E. Slauson Avenue
Maywood, CA 00000

Latitude: 33.9855919
Longitude: -118.1722890

The Pemaco Superfund Site is located in the City of Maywood, California. The Record of Decision for the site was signed by EPA on January 13, 2005. The Remedial Design for the implementation of the underground piping and well system was completed during July 2005. Construction on the remedy began the first week in August 2005. EPA completed construction on the treatment plant during early December 2006. By January 2007, all of the temperature monitoring wells had been installed and 15 of the 58 electrodes were installed in the source area. EPA turned on the groundwater treatment system during April 2007 and the vapor treatment system during May 2007. Electricity to the Electrical Resistive Heating(ERH) system was supplied during September 2007 and EPA turned on the system. The ERH system operated for 200 days. EPA turned the system off during April 2008. The Flameless Thermal Oxidizer was turned off during May 2008. The agency continues to treat contaminanted groundwater and vapor using carbon.

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