Lisbon Valley Mining District


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Site Description 3/29/2020 Background

The Historic Lisbon Valley Mining District (Site) is located southeast of La Sal in San Juan County, Utah. Copper was discovered in the area in 1892 and mining activities increased in the late 1920’s after the additional discovery of uranium and vanadium. Tronox operated in the Mining District and the area was a major producer of both uranium and copper until historic operations in the district ceased in the late 1980’s.

Waste from these historic mining operations are found at the soil surface in recreation areas and in several ephemeral drainages and arroyos. Visitors to the historic mines may be exposed to hazardous substances and contaminated mine waste may be eroded and released downstream during seasonal storms and large run-off events.

Current Activities 2/18/2021 Operations

EPA has identified several preliminary locations of interest including the historic Homestake North, La Sal No2, McCormic & Standard, and Velvet Mines. These locations are all on public land managed by BLM.

Planned Activities 2/18/2021 Operations

Removal Assessment

  • Map soil contamination and other hazards at the surface near the historic Homestake North, La Sal No2, McCormic & Standard, and Velvet Mines and other locations as necessary.
  • Coordinate with the State of Utah, BLM and stakeholders to establish erosion control strategies and prioritize erosion control features.

Removal Action (potential)

  • Clear mine waste from ephemeral drainages and arroyos and construct erosion control features in areas impacted by historic mining operations.