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Bridgeton Dust


All Documents [6]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
2017079memosignedQAPP 2.pdf Approval and Signature Page for QAPP Addendum 1 Quality Assurance 3/25/2022 127 KB Download
30286574 2.pdf Final Version of the Pre-CERCLA Screening report for Bridgeton Dust Site that has been redacted for personally identifiable information. Report 5/18/2017 50319 KB Download
QAPP Addendum 01 - Bridgeton Dust Site.pdf Addendum to the Bridgeton Dust QAPP that explains the change from a swipe area of 100 square centimeters to 200 square centimeters in order to achieve analytical detection limits closer to the project quantitation goals. Quality Assurance 1/19/2017 180 KB Download
12-26-2016 Spanish Village Sampling Fact Sheet.pdf EPA Fact Sheet summarizing the Pre-CERCLIS Screening investigation of residences in the Spanish Village Subdivision of Bridgeton, MO Fact Sheet 12/26/2016 129 KB Download
QAPP signedmemo.pdf Approval memo and signature page for final version of QAPP to support the Pre-CERCLIS screening in the Spanish Village Subdivision of Bridgeton, MO Quality Assurance 12/26/2016 150 KB Download
QAPP for Pre-CERCLIS Screening at Bridgeton Dust Site - Rev 01_Approved and Final.pdf Final QAPP to conducted a Pre-CERCLIS screening at residences in the Spanish Village Subdivision in the Bridgeton, MO Quality Assurance 12/26/2016 1230 KB Download