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Hamburg Kaercher Creek Site

File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
FINAL EDITED.Sediment Sampling Trip Report signed.pdf August 2021 Sediment Sampling Trip Report Trip Report 3/2/2022 2242 KB Download
AS_BUILT_2021-10-20_RECORD DRAWINGS.pdf As-Built Document Engineering 2/25/2022 4306 KB Download
0342_After Action Report_Hamburg Kaercher Creek_Rev_2_Final.pdf After Action Report - 2021 Report 2/25/2022 18031 KB Download
Change in Scope_Hamburg Kaercher Creek_ 3. 2020.pdf Change in Scope Memo Action Memo 2/25/2022 962 KB Download
Hamburg Creek factsheet final 91219.pdf Fact Sheet providing information regarding the removal action at the Hamburg Kaercher Creek Site (2019) Fact Sheet 11/5/2020 421 KB Download
FINAL_Public Notice - Hamburg Kaercher Creek AR.pdf Public notice of the availability of the Administrative Record for the Hamburg Kaercher Creek Site. Admin Record Notice 11/5/2020 219 KB Download
Kaercher - Proposed Extent of Cap Repairs (003).pdf Proposed Extent of Cap Repairs GIS 1/30/2020 542 KB Download
FIG 1 Field House 12-27.pdf Field House GIS 1/30/2020 96 KB Download
Air samples EPA Region 3 Analytical Request Form (ARF 2.1c) April 2018_.pdf Air Samples EPA Region 3 ARF Data 1/30/2020 2679 KB Download
Action Memo April 2019.pdf Action Memo April 2019 Action Memo 1/30/2020 4961 KB Download
2004 May Action Memo.pdf 2004 May Action Memo Action Memo 1/30/2020 3624 KB Download
2003 May Action Memo.pdf 2003 May Action Memo Action Memo 1/30/2020 2757 KB Download