Mill Brook Oil Release FPN E19201

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Guide to Recovering Free Product.1.pdf EPA manual for recovery of underground oil written by OSWER 9/1996 describing soil types, characteristics and technical means to collect oil in a trench recovery system. Guidance manual 11/6/2018 3323 KB Download
Meadowview PA-SI-RI FIgures 10A, 10B.pdf Iso concentration maps of product concentration and thickness in soil devised 2018. Also site drainage map and soil boring locations from 2013 to 2016. Map 10/31/2018 5056 KB Download
Meadowview Boring logs.pdf Boring logs for 25 augured soil borings at the site in 1992. Data 10/31/2018 3021 KB Download
Meadowview boring location drawing.pdf Imagery showing location of MW and soil boring/sampling locations superimposed on Orchard Holdings property (vacant land) on Meadow Road. Also shows product thickness concentration and product thickness maps. Image 10/31/2018 706 KB Download
Sorge Boring logs USS 1992.pdf Technical information on 25 soil borings/core samples taken at the Site in 1992. Data 10/31/2018 2404 KB Download
Mill Brook Oil Spill EPA Referral 10.26.18.pdf Referral letter from NJDEP to EPA requesting EPA remediate the oil release into the Mill Brook. State referral 10/29/2018 422 KB Download
Mill Brook CANAPS Response.docx National Pollution Funds Center project information. CANAPS project info 10/25/2018 24 KB Download
Mill brook site drawing with product.pdf Map of partial areas of contamination. Map 10/23/2018 233 KB Download
Mill Brook Oil Site Heller Tax Block 375Q Lot1 Consent For Access.pdf Access Agreement for Heller Industrial Park property where the storm drain is located. This agreement and the accompanying Memo of Understanding grants EPA access the property to maintain sorbent boom and to perform other activities not inconsistent with the NCP. EPA Access Agreement 11/23/2018 817 KB Download
NJDEP Site Access Agreement with One Ninety M, LLC.pdf Access Agreement for boom maintenance. NJDEP Access Agreement 11/7/2018 1977 KB Download
Block 366A Lot 13Q.1.pdf Deed for Block 366A Lot 13-Q, Jireh Realty LLC current owner. The property is a vacant lot being used to store box trailers. Deed 11/7/2018 210 KB Download
Block 366A Lot 14.1.pdf Deed for Block 366A Lot 14, Deer Realty LLC. is current owner. Deed 11/7/2018 447 KB Download
Block 366A Lot 15.1.pdf Deed for Block 366A Lot 15, Three Thirty Nine M Edison LLC. is current owner. Deed 11/7/2018 201 KB Download
Block 366A Lot 16.1.pdf Deed for Block 366A Lot 16, K & F Development is LLC current owner and this property is vacant land. Deed 11/7/2018 268 KB Download
Block 366A Lot 17.1.pdf Deed for Block 366A Lot 17, and the current owner is 301 Meadow Rd. LLC. Deed 11/7/2018 402 KB Download