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Globe-Union Inc.


All Documents [7]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
Globe Union Close Out Meeting June 23 2022.pdf This is the bilingual public notice for the community meeting on June 23, 2022. Public Notice 6/9/2022 165 KB Download
Dust Graphs 2021-09-04_2022-03-23.pdf DustTrak Information from 09/04/2021 to 03/23/2022 Tables 3/25/2022 750 KB Download
Globe Union Virtual Community Meeting Notice.pdf Virtual Community Meeting notice for August 5th, 2021, event. Public Notice 7/19/2021 204 KB Download
Globe Union_Access Agreement w Cover English and Spanish updated.pdf English and Spanish Cover Letter + Access Agreement Access Agreement 6/18/2020 70 KB Download
Globe-Union Battery SI Report - narrative_Redacted.pdf Redacted Globe-Union Battery SI Report Report 5/28/2020 2106 KB Download
Globe-Union Work Plan - Final_Redacted.pdf Work Plan Report 5/1/2020 2339 KB Download
Globe Union PA Report - Final Narrative.pdf PA completed in 2019 Report 3/18/2020 4585 KB Download