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Compendium of Subject Matter References Relating to Abandoned Oil Wells


All Documents [14]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
Eger Section 5A .pdf Several pages were not scanned in the original document. This corrects the issue. Report 10/28/2021 16996 KB Download
SECTION 1 St Catherines Wildlife Refuge Well_Initial Site Assessment Report 003.pdf last.pdf Wildlife Refuge Well Assessment Report 9/8/2021 9825 KB Download
OSC Academy Oil Field PLUGGING Case Study 120615.ppt OSC Academy Oil Field Plugging Case Study Presentation 9/8/2021 47995 KB Download
Section 6 FedEx Scan 2021-01-18_11-58-46.pdf Section 6 Report 9/8/2021 45361 KB Download
Section 5 E FedEx Scan 2021-01-18_11-51-38.pdf Section 5 E Report 9/8/2021 43367 KB Download
Section 5 D FedEx Scan 2021-01-18_11-45-44.pdf Section 5 D Report 9/8/2021 24255 KB Download
Section 5 C FedEx Scan 2021-01-18_11-40-17.pdf Section 5 C Report 9/8/2021 38387 KB Download
Section 5 B FedEx Scan 2021-01-18_11-35-57.pdf Section 5 B Report 9/8/2021 14948 KB Download
Section 5 A FedEx Scan 2021-01-18_11-32-28.pdf Section 5 A Report 9/8/2021 11491 KB Download
Section 4 FedEx Scan 2021-01-18_11-27-09.pdf Section 4 Report 9/8/2021 9487 KB Download
Section 3FedEx Scan 2021-01-18_11-23-26.pdf Section 3 Report 9/8/2021 17286 KB Download
Section 2 FedEx Scan 2021-01-19_10-34-56.pdf Section 2 Report 9/8/2021 6844 KB Download
Section 1 FedEx Scan 2021-01-18_12-10-02.pdf Section 1 Report 9/8/2021 7254 KB Download
IntroductionFedEx Scan 2021-01-18_11-16-48.pdf Introduction and Sections for Abandoned Oil Well Plugging. Report 9/8/2021 4089 KB Download