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Area Contingency Planning Workgroup

File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
ContingencyPlanningEPA 2.pdf EPA ACP Workgroup contingency planning brochure ACP Handbook Files 12/19/2011 1603 KB Download
UMRBA_FSS09_GRP.pdf Recommendations for Geographic Response Plan (GRP) Approaches ACP Handbook Files 12/19/2011 46 KB Download
ACP Development Memo 2.pdf USCG ACP Development Memo (February 2005) ACP Handbook Files 12/19/2011 470 KB Download
Model ACP 1993 OPA Regional Workgroup-1 2.pdf EPA Model ACP (1993) ACP Handbook Files 12/19/2011 1395 KB Download
GIS MEE feb 02 2.doc GIS Framework for EPA's Oil Program: Minimum Essential Elements and Standards (2000) ACP Handbook Files 12/19/2011 252 KB Download
response_strategy_comparison_08 2.pdf Comparison of Geographic Response Plan (GRP) Approaches: USCG EPA Regions 5, 9, 10 ACP Handbook Files 12/19/2011 2891 KB Download
Omaha Council Bluffs Subarea Notification chart.docx Omaha-Council Bluffs Subarea Notification Chart ACP Handbook Files 12/19/2011 19 KB Download
07_Red Tab Notification Truckee River 2011.pdf Truckee River Geographic Response Plan Notification Overview ACP Handbook Files 12/19/2011 135 KB Download
ACPOILpreprev.ppt Minimum essencial elements Presentation 1/11/2012 1285 KB Download
Division 1 (C1f) Map-Photo Tab 4_1.pdf Example Oil Spill Tactical Response Plan ACP Handbook Files 1/24/2012 292 KB Download
SCAT R4 presentation2012-1_DAY 1.ppt Oil Spills in Water: Emergency Response and Restoration (SCAT presentation) 2012 ACP Webinar 2/24/2012 22860 KB Download
Designation of Areas Federal Notice_4-24-92.pdf Federal Register Notice: Designation of Areas and Area Committees Under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (April 24, 1992) ACP Handbook Files 3/6/2012 444 KB Download
PHMSA Inland ACP EPA Workgroup Presentation MAR 2014 -EGM.pptx DOT PHMSA Office of Pipeline Safety Emergency Support & Security Division Presentation 2014 ACP Webinar 3/20/2014 807 KB Download
Railroads and Area Planning.pptx Railroads and Area Planning Presentation 2014 ACP Webinar 3/20/2014 3221 KB Download
R-14-004-006.pdf National Transportation Safety Board Safety Recommendations derived from the NTSB’s participation in the Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s (TSB) investigation of the July 6, 2013, derailment of a MMA freight train in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec.. 2014 ACP Webinar 3/20/2014 535 KB Download
Columbia River Oil Spill Exercise Consolidated AAR presentation.pptx 2016 Columbia River Gorge Inland SONS Exercise AAR and Findings Presentation 8/9/2017 848 KB Download
NPMS resources.pdf National Pipeline Mapping System-Data Resources document 8/9/2017 107 KB Download
SFTP_instructions.docx Requesting access to PHMSA's Facility Response Plan Secure FTP Site document 8/9/2017 16 KB Download
SCA R4 presentation 2012.ppt Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) in Fresh Water Presentation 8/9/2017 22832 KB Download
PREP Update Presentation_01-14-16.ppt PREP Update Presentation Presentation 8/9/2017 486 KB Download
Regional FRP Coordinators_Dec. 2017.doc EPA Regional Facility Response Plan (FRP) coordinators contact information. document 12/18/2017 33 KB Download
OSPguide99.pdf Understanding Oil Spills and Oil Spill Response document 1/9/2018 1840 KB Download
Bakken Oil Spill Response NWAC.pptx Crude Oil and Response Considerations Presentation 1/26/2018 16683 KB Download
20130215-13-P-0152.pdf Area Contingency Planning Final OIG Report OIG Audit 1/30/2018 615 KB Download
NRT Training Subcommittee Bakken Crude Oil presentation V28 scrubbed.pdf NRT Bakken Crude Oil Training Presentation 1/31/2018 5744 KB Download
Guidance_for_Preparing_Tribal_ERPs.pdf EPA Region 10 Guidance for Preparing Tribal Emergency Response Plans Guidance 1/31/2018 2774 KB Download
Diluted Bitumen Studies Sept 16 2014.pptx Environment Canada Diluted Bitumen Studies Initial WC Phase 1 Results Presentation 1/31/2018 6973 KB Download
COMPAR_BITUMEN_OTHER_OILS_-_A3S5G71.pdf A Comparison of the Properties of Diluted Bitumen Crudes with other Oils Document 1/31/2018 781 KB Download
Appendix B - OCIA_Bakken_CrudeOil_byRail July 2014.pdf DHS Analysis – Bakken Crude Oil Flows by Rail Presentation 1/31/2018 9550 KB Download
Appendix A - OCIA Pipeline and Rail Incidents 1985-2014 April 2015.pdf DHS Analysis – Hazardous Liquid Pipeline and Rail Incidents (1985-2014) Presentation 1/31/2018 2929 KB Download
Aliceville EPA Presentation_Emerging Oils WG_11-29-14.pptx EPA Region 4 Aliceville Train Derailment Presentation 1/31/2018 8550 KB Download
2-NAS briefing to ICCOPR Sept 15.pdf Effects of Diluted Bitumen on the Environment: A Comparative Study Presentation 1/31/2018 299 KB Download
R7 ICP Appendix D.4 AC Contact List.pdf Example AC Contact List ACP Handbook Files 2/27/2018 921 KB Download
CMAD BSL-2E Laboratory Capabilities OSC Academy_2.pdf CMAD’s Biosafety Level 2 Enhanced Laboratory ACP Handbook Files 2/27/2018 218 KB Download
Highlights of NWACP for EPA OSCs.docx Highlights of NWACP for EPA OSCs Document 3/12/2018 22 KB Download
Incident Management Handbook_IMH.pdf EPA ICS Incident Management Handbook Document 3/14/2018 9369 KB Download
Memo to RAs for Downstream Notifications 9-4-15.pdf AA Memo: Review of Regional; and Area Contingency Plans for Downstream Notifications (September 4, 2015) ACP Handbook Files 4/10/2018 473 KB Download
Eric Mosher Transmittal Letter.pdf Eric Mosher's memo on EPA ERT's final studies on "Bakken Crude Oil: Worker Health & Safety Pilot Studies" to RRT members and Removal Managers. Action Memo 5/3/2018 621 KB Download
FINAL Bakken Study 043018 Rev 01 w Attachment A.pdf EPA ERT's Final Bakken Crude Oil: Worker Health & Safety Pilot Scale Studies Report 5/3/2018 3210 KB Download
omaha_council_bluffs_subarea_plan.pdf Public version of Omaha-Council Bluffs Subarea Plan ACP Handbook Files 7/10/2018 756 KB Download
2018 ACP planning workgroup contacts.doc 2018 EPA ACP Planning Workgroup Contacts document 7/17/2018 32 KB Download
acp_handbook_508_092618b 2.pdf This Handbook is a guide and reference for the development of Area Contingency Plans (ACPs) for environmental emergencies.
While it is primarily intended for use by United States (U.S.) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emergency response
program personnel, area contingency planning is necessarily an inter-agency process, and the use of this Handbook to inform
other agencies of EPA’s planning process is encouraged. Because area plans are focused on specific geographic domains, with
many physical and jurisdictional variables, there can be no ‘one size fits all’ plan format, but maintaining national consistency
in the basic content is important, particularly considering the statutory and regulatory requirements by which EPA and other
agencies are bound.
This Handbook was initially developed by EPA’s Area Planning Workgroup during 2011 and 2012, revised in 2014, and
updated in 2018. It incorporates the accumulated knowledge of years of contingency planning experience. Although ACPs
are specifically mandated by the Clean Water Act (CWA) as amended by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90), EPA’s
responsibilities under other laws, including the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
(CERCLA), make an all-hazards approach to contingency planning desirable. The processes of planning for responses to all
types of environmental emergencies (e.g., oil discharges, hazardous substance releases, natural disasters) share common
elements that have been demonstrably successful in major responses.
2018 EPA's ACP Handbook 9/26/2018 3947 KB Download