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VIPER Monitoring System


All Documents [17]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
ERT_CAP_MeterApp_Descriptions.pdf ERT CAP MeterApp Descriptions Manuals 4/5/2021 762 KB Download
Viper - Smart Gateway Guide Summer 2020.pdf This guide includes a section on attaching a ProRAE Host directly to the Smart Gateway; how to interpret the LED lights; how to reset the internal laptop if it doesn't power up; and how to troubleshoot the Cradlepoint GPS Settings. Use this guide in conjunction with the Getting Started with the Smart Gateway and Viper User Guide Summer 2020. Manuals 9/21/2020 4448 KB Download
Correcting_A_Smart_Gateway_Laptop_IP_Address.pdf On the rare occasion that a Smart Gateway Laptop loses its reserved IP Address (, use this guide to reset the IP Address. Manuals 8/13/2020 519 KB Download
VIPER User Guide-Summer 2020.pdf Comprehensive Viper User Guide. Manuals 8/12/2020 3920 KB Download
Getting Started with the Smart Gateway.pdf Use this in conjunction with the SmartGateway User Guide Manuals 5/20/2020 744 KB Download
Smart Gateway Meter App Battery Voltage Reporting.docx Step-by-step guide for making the changes necessary for the Smart Gateway to accurately report its current battery voltage level. Manuals 12/13/2018 201 KB Download
Factory Resetting Viper LINCs.pdf Instructions on Resetting a Viper LINC and reconfigure it to work with Vipe Manuals 5/20/2020 1445 KB Download
Viper_-_ProRae_Guardian_to_Survey_Controller_Jan_2021.pdf Guide to configuring ProRAE Guardian to push data to Survey Controller via local laptop, Virtual Machine, or directly to PRG2CAP Manuals 1/28/2021 1393 KB Download
Viper_Guide_for_DustTraks.pdf Viper DustTrak Guide includes details on connection options for DustTrak DRXs as well as a discussion on using DustTrak IIs with the DustTrak MeterApp. Manuals 1/25/2021 1402 KB Download
Implementing WifI Security on Lincs and Gateways.pdf Instructions for applying WiFi security to Gateways and Lincs. This version is updated with screen shots for Rajant Firmware V11 Manuals 5/20/2020 1472 KB Download
Viper Guide for SPM Flex Setup.pdf SPM Flex Setup Guide including Factory Resetting a SPM Flex Linc. Manuals 5/20/2020 2914 KB Download
ERT AirNow User Guide.pdf AirNow User Guide Manuals 6/10/2019 1474 KB Download
ERT NOAA MeterApp User Guide.pdf NOAA MeterApp Guide - August 2015 Manuals 8/7/2015 327 KB Download
ERT USGS Water User Guide.pdf USGS Water User Guide - August 2015 Manuals 8/7/2015 865 KB Download
ERT In-Situ User Guide.pdf ERT In-Situ Meter App User Guide Manuals 8/10/2016 475 KB Download
ViperDataColumnDefinitions - June 2019.xlsx List and description of the columns included in a Viper Data Export - June 2019 Manuals 6/19/2019 13 KB Download
Summer 2020 VIPER - Technical Requirements of an HTTP POST of Generic CAP XML.pdf Detailed Technical Requirements for a Software Application to Deliver Sensor Data to a VIPER Survey Controller via an HTTP POST Manuals 6/24/2020 460 KB Download