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ESF #10: Oil/HazMat Response Resources


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File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
ESF 10 Oil and Hazardous Materials_FINAL June 2016.pdf ESF #10 - Oil and Hazardous Materials Annex - FINAL 2016. Annex supports the NRF. Issued by DHS/FEMA under PPD-8. EPA is lead for ESF #10, and USCG is a Primary Agency. FEMA activates ESF #10 for Stafford Act responses when needed by issuing Mission Assignment to ESF #10. 3 FEMA Policies 5/3/2017 615 KB Download
FEMA_oil-chemical-incident-annex_2.2021.pdf Oil-Chemical Incident Annex (version 2021; supersedes 2016 version). Supplement to the Response and Recovery FIOPs under PPD-8. Describes federal oil/chem response under: (1) NCP, (2) NCP with ESF Support, and (3) Stafford Act. 3 FEMA Policies 4/19/2021 2536 KB Download
Response_FIOP_2nd_FINAL_August 2016pdf 2.pdf Response FIOP, 2016. Issued by DHS/FEMA under PPD-8. Serves as a federal ops plan for NRF, with a focus on federal response to catastrophic Stafford Act incidents. 3 FEMA Policies 5/3/2017 6042 KB Download
Stafford Act_ FEMA 592 _june 2007.pdf Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended, and Related
3 FEMA Policies 6/8/2012 457 KB Download
FEMA WebEOC Training for EPA USCG Response Personnel_2021.05.18_Meeting Recording.mp4 Training on FEMA's WebEOC system Trng: WebEOC 5/18/2021 339523 KB Download
WebEOC - Getting Started 9-2-20.pdf FEMA WebEOC general log in and board info Trng: WebEOC 5/18/2021 293 KB Download
WebEOC Troubleshooting Guide 11.03.2020 version 1.pdf FEMA WebEOC Troubleshooting Guide Trng: WebEOC 5/18/2021 668 KB Download
WebEOC 8.1 User Guide_Foundatios.docx WebEOC 8.1 User Guide Trng: WebEOC 6/10/2021 951 KB Download