Read Avenue Lead (Pb)


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Middle Tennessee State University sponsors a Lead Elimination Action Program (LEAP) that consults with residential homeowners with home lead contamination (paint, building materials, etc...).  LEAP took care of 1705 Read Avenue the day that TDEC & EPA were on-site conducting preliminary assessment.<br />Date Taken: 4/5/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
1705 Read Avenue residence structure and siding missing due to weekend storm damage.<br />Date Taken: 4/5/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
LEAP funded clean-up/ excavation around 1705 Read Avenue residence.<br />Date Taken: 4/5/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
1701 & 1705 Read Avenue residence in the background.<br />Date Taken: 4/5/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Soil excavation (to 6" BGL) on the south side of 1705 Read Avenue.<br />Date Taken: 4/5/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Facing east on the south side of 1705 Read Avenue where soil excavation was taking place down to 6"-BGL.<br />Date Taken: 4/5/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Spring is in the air.....   Dafodil at 1701 Read Avenue :-)<br />Date Taken: 4/5/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
SESD planned sampling strategey using Google Earth aerial.<br />Date Taken: 8/30/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Don Hunter (SESD) documenting each sample collected.  Mr. Hunter was logging sample collected at 1707 Read Avenue.  This paticular composite (RA 01) analytical result was 2,500 ppm Pb (lead).<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Sample RA 03 (containing characteristic fines or possible fondary sands) = 580 ppm Pb (lead).  Located on the northwest corner between 1707 and 1705 Read Avenue<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 35.0334166666667<br />Longitude: -85.3064166666667<br />Tags:
Close-up of RA-03 and the "non-native" soil containing suspected foundary/smelter sand.<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 35.0333666666667<br />Longitude: -85.3063666666667<br />Tags:
Don Hunter (SESD) collecting RA-02 at 1707 Read Avenue (north side yard of property).<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 35.0333666666667<br />Longitude: -85.3063833333333<br />Tags:
Sample collection at Negley Park.<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Don Hunter (SESD) documenting sample collection information in front of 1707 Read Avenue.<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Emptying sample auger into pyrex tray prior to mixing composite sample from play yard.<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 35.0335166666667<br />Longitude: -85.3067333333333<br />Tags:
Proper mixing technique in Pyrex dish.<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 35.0336666666667<br />Longitude: -85.3064666666667<br />Tags:
The documentation never ends....  Mr. Hunter loging in sample information from the Negley Park playground.<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 35.0336<br />Longitude: -85.30645<br />Tags:
Sampling equipment stagged for initial decontamination work and packing for return back to Athens, GA.<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 35.0334833333333<br />Longitude: -85.3064833333333<br />Tags:
Sampling map for SESD.<br />Date Taken: 5/2/2011<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags: