St. Albans Gas & Light Phase 2


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PHILIS APL-1 containing 5 GC/MS. A sencond APL was also onsite with a  prep trailer. <br />Date Taken: 5/9/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Core from residential property west of Stevens Brook. Note no observable fill material<br />Date Taken: 5/10/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Geoprobe installing soil gas point near B-100 Buliding #2.<br />Date Taken: 5/10/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Sampling sump Building #2<br />Date Taken: 5/9/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Sump pump Building #2. Note black staining on pvc pipe.<br />Date Taken: 5/10/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Tactics meeting with OSC Nalipinksi, PHILIS Lead Kaelin, VT DEC Michael Smith.<br />Date Taken: 5/9/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
View of UST test pit.<br />Date Taken: 7/14/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 44.8130333333333<br />Longitude: -73.0896<br />Tags:
Placing common borrow corner Maple and Lasalle Streets<br />Date Taken: 7/17/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Twio foot excavation. Northern edge of site.<br />Date Taken: 7/20/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:

Residents observing excavation. Note EPA monitoring for particulates<br />Date Taken: 7/24/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:

Rip rap installation in progress along eastern bank of Stevens Brook<br />Date Taken: 7/27/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Suspected 'vault' area. After excavation flange was likely a floor drain. No product found in excavation.<br />Date Taken: 7/31/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Bottom of suspected 'vault' area. No vault found. Groundwater encountered 9 ft bgs.<br />Date Taken: 7/31/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Modified air mitigation system in Building #3.<br />Date Taken: 12/5/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 44.8131709<br />Longitude: -73.089687<br />Tags:
Hydroseeded courtyard area.<br />Date Taken: 12/5/2012<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 44.8131709<br />Longitude: -73.089687<br />Tags: