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Temple Stuart Site

All POLREP's for this site Temple Stuart Site
Baldwinville, MA - EPA Region I
POLREP #5 - Completion of Removal Action
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On-Scene Coordinator - Mary Ellen Stanton 10/6/2004
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #5
Start Date: 7/22/2002 Completion Date: 8/2/2004
Site Description

The Site is a 23-acre property located in a largely residential area of Baldwinville, Massachusetts (lat 42° 36' 37" N, long 72° 04' 33.5" W. Baldwinville is one of four villages which comprise the Town of Templeton (population 7000).

Permanent structures present include three facility buildings, two empty silos, and a water tower. The balance of the property contains an approximately 10-acre area formerly occupied by facility buildings, and a landfill extending into wetland areas. The public is able to access the Site between the main state road and local residential areas.  The landfill area has been fenced by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (“MA DEP”).

The facility is privately owned and inactive. Contaminants found and removed from the Site include friable asbestos and asbestos debris; polychlorinated biphenyls (“PCBs”) in soil; and containerized organic liquids and heavy metals.

Current Activities
In June 2004, PCB-contaminated soil excavation, transportation and disposal was completed.  Approximately 1637 tons of soils were shipped for final disposal between June 14 and June 22.

Site restoration included backfill and grading of most excavated areas, and application of hydroseed.   In one area highly visible to nearby residents, hydroseed application was repeated.

The OSC met with public safety officials and selectmen from the Town of Templeton to discuss physical hazards and traffic issues which remain post-removal.

Temporary fence delineating work zones was removed.  The removal action ended upon site restoration completion.  Please refer to the "Documents" section of this website to view the summary of wastes shipped off-site for disposal.

On September 15, the funding ceiling for EPA’s ERRS contractor was reduced by $350,000.

Planned Removal Actions

Next Steps
None.  Case closed.

Key Issues