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Temple Stuart Site

Site Contact:
Michael Barry


Site Location:
4 Holman Street
Baldwinville, MA 01436

Temple Stuart Site

The site is a 23-acre property with two warehouses and a garage located in a largely residential area of Baldwinville, Massachusetts (Lat 42° 36' 37"N, Long 72° 04' 33.5"W). The facility is approximately three eighths of a mile from the center of Baldwinville. Several hundred residents live within a quarter mile. Located within a mile of the Site are an elementary school, a reform school, a nursing home, and two units of housing for the elderly.

In 1910, the Temple Stuart Company began manufacturing wooden furniture at the Site. Temple Stuart constructed various buildings and additions to existing structures. A removal action was begun at the site in 2002, which involved the removal of friable asbestos and other hazardous substances at the facility. The dangerous condition of the site buildings (excluding the garage and warehouses) necessitated their demolition during the performance of the removal action.

While performing sampling in and around the site's former "landfill" area, PCB-contaminated soils were found. The most highly contaminated soils will be excavated and removed for proper disposal.

Investigation of soils in the surrounding residential area indicates that there is additional PCB contamination in the soil. Please see the "Baldwinville Residential Properties Site" for further information.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.