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POLREP #205 - Removal Action Completion
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On-Scene Coordinator - Jack Downie 8/31/2010
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #205
Start Date: 9/15/2006 Completion Date: 8/31/2010
Site Description
EPA has performed an emergency removal action at this site which has primarily involved the stabilization, repackaging, transportation, and removal of hazardous magnesium materials and other solid wastes from the facility.  EPA has completed repackaging abandoned magnesium materials that have been stored in drums that have succumbed to varying degrees of corrosion.  The repackaged materials have now been removed from the site.  Areas of the site including open pad areas, low areas, and drainage ways have been cleared of residual wastes that had spilled when the facility was operating. Low-level radioactive solids and miscellaneous waste material have been packaged and shipped off site for disposal. Lime was removed from eight large vertical vats located on the west and south side of Building 2. The lime was neutralized and shipped off site for disposal.  Materials were separated from a large debris pile on the south side of the property that contained broken concrete embedded with rebar, and large pieces of scrap metal, mixed with dirt and other fines. The metal was shipped off site for recycling and the concrete and soil were shipped to landfill. Surface soil has been excavated from locations where elevated levels of arsenic and lead were present.  The PADEP HSCA Program has performed an extent of contamination study. Site security operations are  relinquished to Lawrence County and Taylor Township officials. The Site is a PADEP HSCA Site. The PADEP HSCA program has finished up the field work for the extent of contamination study. EPA has supported PADEP in this regard as requested.

Current Activities
During the week of 6/10/10, ERRS collected disposal samples of the drummed soil cuttings from the installation of the monitoring wells, soil removed during the excavation of underground pipes, and water from a frac tank containing purge water from the monitoring well installation/development, sludge from the reaction pit, arc furnace debris, an unearthed catch-basin containing a hard rubber-like gray solid, and one unearthed drum with a black slag material.  The disposal analysis results indicated that all the solids were classified as non-regulated soil and debris and could be bulked for disposal, the Frac tank water was non-hazardous, and the catch-basin's contents was classified as a hazardous waste solid due to chromium contamination.  ERRS arranged for the transportation and disposal of the wastes during the week of 7/12/10.

On Tuesday, 7/13/10, EPA, PADEP, START, and ERRS met onsite to prepare for final transportation and disposal of the remaining wastes.  

During this week, ERRS chiseled the hard rubber-like gray solid from the mangled metal catch-basin.  ERRS bulked the various solids and soils into one large pile.  An estimated total of 17,925 gallons of non-hazardous well development/purge water was transported off-site for disposal.  Approximately 120 tons of soil and debris were transported off-site for disposal.  

On Monday, 7/19/10, three drums of hazardous waste solid n.o.s. containing chromium estimated to weigh 1100 pounds were transported off-site for disposal.  

Planned Removal Actions
The OSC anticipates no further EPA Removal Actions at this time.

Next Steps
EPA awaiting final disposal certificates and costs. No additional USEPA on site work is anticipated. The Remacor Inc. Removal Site is closed out.

The PADEP HSCA Program is awaiting the final report on the State Funded extent of contamination investigation activities.

Disposition Of Wastes
Disposal Summary as of 8/31/10:

Magnesium Turnings, Flammable Solid, Haz Mat:   6,017,825 pounds
Magnesium Scrap, Non-Haz Mat:   766,273  pounds
Total:   6,784,098 pounds

Low Level RAD drums:     334,275 pounds
Bulk Load Waste Piles:     15,298,520 pounds

Waste misc. liquids (Non-magnesium):    4,125 gallons
Waste misc. solids (Non-magnesium):     229,859 pounds

Non-hazardous liquids: 17,925 gallons