TVA Kingston Flyash Release

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Harriman, TN - EPA Region IV
POLREP #7 - Rev 1.0 - Final POLREP (Emergency Response)
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On-Scene Coordinator - Les Sims and Steve Spurlin 1/13/2009
Emergency - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #7
Start Date: 12/22/2008 Completion Date: 3/11/2009
Site Description
On Monday 12/22/2008, in response to NRC report #893129, FOSC Sims and EPA's START contractor responded to a catastrophic dike failure at the Tennessee Valley Authority Kingston Fossil Fuel Plant, Harriman, Roane County, Tennessee. The incident was reported to have occurred around 0100 hrs.  As a result of the dike failure, an estimated 5.4 million cubic yards of fly ash released from 2 of 3 onsite dewatering cells and entered the nearby Emory River. The overland impact was estimated at between 250-300 yards. The release of the massive ash and mud sludge disrupted power, ruptured a natural gas line, destroyed several homes and caused the evacuation of a nearby residential area.  

Current Activities
The following activities were conducted during this reporting period:

EPA began the demobilization of all non-essential ERRB personnel and START contractors from the Site.  

EPA ERRB issued a Memorandum of Concurrence (MOC) to TVA in regard to TVA's Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) outline. The MOC recommended TVA proceed with development of the SAP in close collaboration with TDEC.

EPA submitted a Transfer of Lead Federal Agency (LFA) Authority Memorandum to TVA, effective 1/11/09, transitioning the LFA role from EPA to TVA.

1/11/2009 - The Joint Information and Operations Center (JIC) discontinued operations at the Roane County EMA facility.  TVA’s JIC is planned to continue uninterrupted through the remainder of the cleanup to provide community outreach and address long-term, cleanup-related concerns/issues.  

All remaining EPA ERRB personnel, contractors, and equipment were demobilized from the Site.

A comprehensive, detailed report of all site-related activities conducted by EPA ERRB during the emergency response phase of this incident can be viewed at

Planned Removal Actions
Emergency response phase completed. No Further ER Actions Planned.

Key Issues
-Transfer of Lead Federal Agency from EPA to TVA completed.
-Site transitioned from emergency response to long-term cleanup.
-All EPA ERRB personnel and START contractors demobilized from Site.
-TVA identified as responsible party and has engaged the necessary resources to mitigate the release and conduct long-term cleanup and sampling activities.  
-TDEC responsible for oversight of TVA long-term cleanup and sampling-related activities.
-EPA will continue in its support and monitoring role in regard to all TVA and TDEC long-term, cleanup and sampling related activities.