50 Alda Street Oil Spill

All POLREP's for this site 50 Alda Street Oil Spill
Bristol, CT - EPA Region I
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On-Scene Coordinator - Leslie Sims 1/22/2005
Emergency - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #3
Start Date: 4/28/2004 Completion Date: 12/30/2004
Site Description
Refer to Previous POLREP for Site Description.

Current Activities
Refer to POLREP #2 for activities conducted prior to October 2004.

Planned Removal Actions
Between October and December, 2004, the FOSC assigned to oversee the cleanup effort met on several occasions with CTDEP and RP representatives at the Site to ascertain the effectiveness of the ongoing cleanup. Based on the findings from those visits, it appears the emergency has been sucessfully abated and there is no further discharge or substantial threat of a continuous discharge of oil to tributary navagable waters.  

Any long term remediation activities deemed necessary to address any remaining oil/contamination which does not present a direct discharge or substantial threat of discharge to a navagable waterway will be performed solely at the descretion of CTDEP.

The cleanup effort conducted, to date, appears to be not inconsistent with OPA and NCP.

Next Steps
CTDEP indicated it will continue to work with the RP to address any post-cleanup issues. NPFC was updated on removal activities and EPA's recommendation to closeout the PRFA for this cleanup.