Le Roi Smelter/Northport

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Northport, WA - EPA Region X
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On-Scene Coordinator - Andrew Smith 1/10/2005
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #5
Start Date: 7/19/2004
Current Activities
Additional residences completed are:

24) 607 Center
25) 520 Center
26) Block 22 (Behind the Post Office)
27) 616 South
28) 402 4th St.
29) Lot at 4th and Summit

The Coast Guard demobilized on October 9.
EQM demobilized the week of October 18.

EPA held a closeout public information session on November 18th at 7 pm in the Grange Hall in Northport. The purpose was to answer any remaining questions and concerns as well as discuss any future cleanup efforts in Northport.
Several issues came up:

1) Alleged damage to city streets by EPA activity
2) Complaint by the PRP of condition in which EPA left the former smelter site
3) Presentation by Northport Historical Society on a roadside marker they wish to construct.

Next Steps
The EPA has agreed to help fund a roadside marker.  The Northport Historical Society is waiting on a cost estimate from a foundry in Texas that will cast the marker.

The Northport Historical Society has also applied to BNSF Foundation, Stevens County Commissioners, and the state of Washington for funding.  All of which appear to be positive sources of additional funding.  In addition, the town of Northport has agreed to help fund remaining needs as their budget allows.

Key Issues
The town of Northport subsequent to the November 18 meeting has submitted to EPA a demand letter for $81,388 to city streets due to over watering and heavy truck usage.  EPA has forwarded the claim to our contractor.

One property owner claims EPA has damaged their septic system.  However, EPA has not yet received a claim.