Le Roi Smelter/Northport

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Northport, WA - EPA Region X
POLREP #3 - Continued Removal Action
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On-Scene Coordinator - Andrew Smith 8/31/2004
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #3
Start Date: 7/19/2004
Current Activities
Progress at Smelter Site

Shaped and worked on the smelter and backfilled excavations with 3/4 rock and level.

Excavation near well on the sawmill portion of the smelter site has been backfilled.

Two areas at the sawmill portion of the smelter site that were originally thought below removal concentration levels were determined to need excavation.  Excavation is taking place in those areas.

Additional areas in NE area of smelter site were partially completed.

Progress at Residential Sites

Residences completed thus far are:
1) 620 South St.
2) 311 7th St.
3) 211 Center
4) 418 Center

Partial completions are:
1) 208 1st St. (needs sod)
2) 203 Summit (needs topsoil)
3) 208 Summit (needs sod)
4) 404 Silver Crown (needs sod)
5) 514 Silver Crown (needs inspection/letter)
6) 501 South (needs hydro-seed)
7)10th Leroy (excavation has begun)
8) 9th Leroy (excavation has begun)
9) Progress at BNSF Site

Progress on BNSF property

Powerhouse stack was removed with clam shell crane on 8/31/04 by contractors with BNSF.  The stack was weak and in very poor condition.  Removal was done in 2 hours.  Water was sprayed to keep dust down.

The inside portion of three of the stack bricks were checked with the XRF.  Lead concentration was 93, <37, and 83 ppm.  Arsenic was 328, 89 and 196 ppm.  Mercury was <26, <27, and <25 ppm.

Other activities

Ambient air monitoring by Coast Guard show all readings below action levels.

Next Steps
Continue to shape and work on the smelter and backfill all excavations with 3/4 rock and level.

EPA will continue meeting with homeowners to obtain access agreements and conduct walkthroughs.  EPA lacks access agreements from two homeowner one who is out of town and another who needs to remove junk material off his propety.

Continue excavation at two empty lots on Leroy and between 9th and 10th streets.

An Avista Utility representative from Spokane approached EPA with two properties they held ownership in town.  They were unaware of the lead assessment and cleanup work and asked if EPA would sample soil on their property.

BNSF will move bricks to consolidation area starting September 7th.

Work will stop after September 1 for the holiday weekend and start back up on September 7.