New Bedford, MA - Region I

Site Contact:

Mia Pasquerella

740 Belleville Ave
New Bedford, MA

Latitude: 40.4660000
Longitude: -55.2160000

From 1978 to 2001, Aerovox manufactured electrical capacitors at the facility. The plant is a three-floor, flat-roof, brick building containing approximately 450,000 square feet. The first floor was generally used for storage, and the second and third floors were used for capacitor manufacturing. All use of PCB-contaminated oil occurred prior to 1978, before Aerovox owned and operated the facility. In 2001, operations relocated to a new facility pursuant to an Administrative Order On Consent (AOC) entered into with EPA in September 1999.

EPA plans to conduct this removal as a fund-lead action using a special account that contains funds reached through settlement with the responsible party (RPs). The proposed actions will protect public health, welfare and the environment by removing the source of potential contamination. Removal activities will include a Site walk with the Emergency Rapid Response Service (ERRS) contractor, sampling the drums and containers for waste characterization, repackaging of the hazardous wastes as necessary, removing the drums and cylinders from the facility, and off-site disposal of hazardous substances at approved disposal facilities. General repairs will be made to the pavement cap located on the backside of the facility. An inspection of the impregnation room will be conducted to delineate the degree of contamination remaining in the vats and tanks. The contamination within the impregnation room will be addressed if it meets removal criteria.

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