KCM Management Inc (E15621)

Bayou Gauche, LA - Region VI


Site Contact:

Jhana Enders


Bayou Gauche, LA 70030

Latitude: 29.7810100
Longitude: 90.3902800

Leaking 14,000' orphan oil production well known as Simoneaux No. 10 (LDNR Well SN 51300) and an associated abandoned oil production facility that are located near the city of Bayou Gauche, St Charles Parish, LA within the Bayou Des Allemands Oil and Gas Field. The orphaned well and abandoned facility are located at Latitude 29.78059° North / Longitude 90.39033° West and Latitude 29.78080° North / Longitude 90.39566° West, respectively. Spill pathway; Bayou Gauche to Bayou des Allemands to Lake Salvador Wildlife Management Area. The EPA Team mobilized on July 14, 2015 to assess site conditions.