GreatPoint Energy, Inc Drum Site

Somerset, MA - Region I


Site Contact:

Sherry Banks
On-Scene Coordinator

407 Brayton Point Road
Somerset, MA 02725

Latitude: 41.7200759
Longitude: -71.1859896

USCG jurisdiction

At 1030 the Phone Duty Officer (PHO) received a call from MassDEP Emergency Response Southeast Region regarding a facility that was referred to them by their RCRA inspectors. The facility is located just north of the Brayton Point Power Plant in Somerset, MA. The RCRA inspectors discovered 80-100 drums that appear to be abandoned, are weathered and are leaking. There are two co-located companies, Oasys Water, Inc. and an old coal gasification research plant. The material in the drums is assumed to be from the failed coal gasification facility.

The site is in the USCG Zone Sector Southeastern New England and the PHO has coordinated with them. MassDEP, EPA and USCG will meet on-site at 1330.
EPA OSC Sherry Banks, Bob Murphy (MassDEP - ER), Gerry Podlisny (MassDEP- RCRA), and Daniel Goldman, (CFO Great Point Energy, Inc.) conducted a site walk at Great Point Energy, Inc. in Somerset, MA.
Numerous 55 gal steel drums containing coke and poly containers of coal were located outside adjacent to the coal gasification tower. According to Mr. Goldman, the facility is considered in operating status (currently on standby). The company alternates testing in 3 different states. The drums and poly containers of coke and coal are considered valuable product and are used in testing. The company periodically ships these products to whichever coal gasification tower they are operating.

Several drums were stacked on top of each other on broken pallets and a few were dented. Also there were multiple, empty rusted 5 gallon pails stacked (tossed together in a large pile). The company said the pails had contained a batch sample off the coke/ coal. The company’s mailing address is in Cambridge, MA.
MassDEP issued a Notice instructing the company to hire an LSP to assist the company with Best Management Practices in Drum/ Product Storage.
EPA forwarded information to RCRA.



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