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TooBro Cheese RV1

Site Contact:
Daniel Gaughan
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
7705 NYS Route 812
Lowville, NY 13367

The 3.6 acre property is located along the Black River at the intersection of State Route 812 and Hopps Road in Lowville, Lewis County, New York. Latitude 43.82327N, Longitude 75.46254W

The property houses an abandoned former cheese manufacturing facility. An assortment of buildings and additions in a state of vandalism and disrepair make up the facility.

The property is not fenced and all buildings are open to public access. The rural location has made it a popular dump spot and attractive to scrappers and children. Access is available from both roadways bordering the property.

Numerous pails, drums, totes and indoor tanks containing liquids labeled as acids, caustics and oxidizers were observed both inside and outside the facility buildings. In addition there are numerous laboratory reagents, test kits and maintenance chemicals and oils in the lab, process areas and maintenance shop. There is an outside tank farm for process materials and an above ground fuel tank.

Metallic mercury from broken mercury switches was observed on the floor of one building. Additional mercury switches remain intact in the boiler rooms.

The NYSDEC performed a limited removal in 2012 disposing of material from leaking tanks in the outside tank farm. It is believed that residual material remains in those tanks.