Carville National Leather

Johnstown, NY - Region II


Site Contact:

Paul L. Kahn
On-Scene Coordinator

10 Knox Ave.
Johnstown, NY 12095

Latitude: 42.9999750
Longitude: -74.3805440
NRC#: 1153190

On July 13, 2016, EPA was asked by the NYSDEC R5 office to investigate an abandoned leather tannery in Johnstown (Fulton Count) NY. The DEC performed a walk-thru of the site and discovered over 100 drums and other containers that had been abandoned. They also observed that a number of drums had been overturned by l trespassers and unknown liquids that appear to be concentrated leather dye have been released onto the surrounding floor. This material migrated outside the building and stained the parking lot.

The Site is located in a residential neighborhood bounded on three sides by woods. A former railroad right-of-way that was transformed into a public walking trail is located less than 60 feet from the main building. The Cayadutta Creek, a navigable waterway of the US, is located next to the trail, This creek empties into the Mohawk River which is approximately 5 miles south of the Site. This section of the Mohawk River is part of the Erie Canal system and is a major fishing and recreational water way. On July 14, 2016 two OSC visited the site and observed that one window was missing and a ground floor overhead door was open and unlocked. The OSCs also documented both the presence and release of hazardous chemicals. A written referral of this Site from the NYSEC to EPA was received on 7/26. On 8/10 ERRS was mobilized to the Site and initiated a removal action.

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