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ICS Institute Resources

Site Contact:
Steve Ridenour
National NIMS/N-IMAT Coordinator


Site Location:
Washington, DC 20460

This site contains all presentations and reference material for the March 2017 ICS Institute.

Please note that EPA’s Incident Management Handbook (IMH) is available in a new mobile friendly format from the Emergency Management Portal (EMP). The new version retains all the content of the IMH and adds the following new features:
• Direct dial phone number links – clicking on phone numbers opens your device’s default dialing application with the selected number pre-entered **
• Direct email links – clicking on email addresses opens your device’s default email application and opens a new blank email to the addressee **
• Direct website links – clicking on website URLs opens your device’s default web browser application and loads the webpage **
• Clickable menu navigation – clicking on items in the table of contents immediately navigates you to that section of the handbook.Table of contents items are also provided under the Bookmarks list, which can be accessed anywhere on the IMH page (you do not need to be on the Table of Contents page)
• Scrolling navigation – you can scroll page by page or quickly jump to other pages

** An internet/cell phone connection is needed to fully utilize these features

The IMH still exists as a PDF file and can be opened on any device (laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.) with a PDF viewer application installed. It can be directly downloaded from the EMP website and does not need to be obtained from an app store. To download a copy visit the EMP portal (https://emp.epa.gov) and click on the “Incident Management Handbook” link in the “Application Links” section on the left-hand blue menu bar. Alternatively, log into the EMP Portal and then click on the “Document Library” link on the left-hand blue menu bar. Type in “IMH” in the search and then click on the “Incident Management Handbook_IMH” file to download the IMH to your device.