Villa Bonita Apartments Mercury

Kirkland, WA - Region X


Site Contact:

Brooks Stanfield
On Scene Coordinator

9807 NE 130th Place
Kirkland, WA 98034

Latitude: 47.7166901
Longitude: -122.2098890
NRC#: 1181358

On June 16, 2017 EPA received notification of a mercury spill in an apartment unit in Kirkland, WA as a result of a broken thermometer. It was reported that the tenants had taken some action to clean up the spill, but due to concerns that these actions may have spread the contamination, language barriers, and other gaps in information, EPA mobilized an OSC and three START contractors to conduct an assessment of the spill.

EPA conducted the assessment and provided oversight of removal of impacted carpet and elemental mercury. Details of the assessment and removal can be found in POLREP 1. EPA demobilized from the scene the evening of June 16. EPA provided recommendations to the tenants with regards to proper waste disposal and will remain available if the tenants need additional assistance throughout the disposal process.



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