CN Plainfield Train Derailment Site

Plainfield, IL - Region V


Site Contact:

Verneta Simon and Mike Beslow
on-scene coordinator;

Plainfield, IL 60544

Latitude: 41.6190782
Longitude: -88.2073949

At approximately 6:30 pm CST on June 30, 2017, a Canadian National (CN) unit train carrying 2 buffer cars and 113 cars of Alberta sands Crude Oil derailed in Plainfield, Will County, Illinois, 21 tanker cars derailed from the tracks and cause oil to be released to the environment. It is estimated that one car lost its entire load or approximately 28,000 gallons and the second car lost half of its load or approximately 14,000 gallons.  A third car had a minor leak that was plugged and lost a minimal volume.



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