Bercovich Lead Smelter

Oakland, CA - Region IX


Site Contact:

Eric Nuchims
On-Scene Coordinator

1639 18th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Latitude: 37.8143170
Longitude: -122.2922764

The Site consists of thirteen residential parcels and one commercial parcel near 1639 18th Street in Oakland, CA. The surrounding neighborhood is a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Interstate 880 passes approximately 1500 feet to the northwest of the Site.

The Site is the location of a former lead smelting operation. The parcel where the actual Bercovich Lead Smelter was located (i.e.,1639 18th Street or “smelter parcel”) is now occupied by an industrial diesel engine repair business and is capped with concrete and asphalt. The surrounding 14 parcels, within the block bounded by 18th Street, Campbell Street, 17th Street, and Peralta Street, include one commercial and thirteen residential properties, including a children’s daycare. Of the 14 parcels, 11 residential parcels have exposed ground surfaces with a mix of vegetative cover, bare soil, and decorative rock.



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